As a family-run company, we have been active in the hospital and homecare sector throughout Austria for more than 70 years. We have made it our mission to make the daily lives of clinical staff easier and to sustainably improve the quality of life of patients through innovative medical products and competent advice. In doing so, we have always placed customer welfare at the center of all our decisions.

About Us

Our mission is our customers

Founded in 1952 by Hellmut Habel, the family business is now managed by Markus Schimel, the third generation of the family to do so. Much has changed since then, but one thing has always remained the same over the generations - what is close to our hearts: our customers. In the hospital sector, we offer a broad product portfolio of medical equipment and consumables with a focus on anesthesia and intensive care medicine, internal medicine and pneumology, sleep medicine, neonatology and obstetrics, and emergency medicine. In the homecare sector, our focus is on sleep apnea therapy, oxygen supply, home ventilation, secretion mobilization and outpatient pain therapy.

Your reliable partner

With us, you have a competent partner at your side whom you can trust and rely on. Customer proximity, individual consultation and comprehensive services are our strengths. Continuous development and the highest quality of our products and services are the two constants that have contributed to the success of our company. We promise the same for the future.

Dame steht bei Empfang und begrüßt Kunden freundlich


  1. 1952

    Habel Medizintechnik was founded by Hellmut Habel as a family business in 1952 . The headquarters was located in the 7th district of Vienna Zollergasse 14.

    Hellmut Habel and his wife
  2. 60s

    Soon after the company acquired new clients and expanded its product portfolio . A milestone in the company's history was 1960, the introduction of Hico Climamask in Austria , which has sold over 140,000 units.

    Advertisement of the Hico Climamask from the 60s
  3. 70s

    In the early 70s, the company was able to establish itself through the sales of medical equipment and supplies in the hospital sector - for example, the first electronically controlled syringe pumps and ventilators.

    Advertisement of a syringe pump from the 70s
  4. 70s

    At that time, the company staff had grown from originally two employees to about twenty. A dedicated field staff looked after customers all across Austria, on site - and a technical department was in charge of safety inspections as well as service and repair of equipment.

    HABEL Medizintechnik wächst
  5. 80s

    During the 80s the company was able to establish itself further with the addition of home therapy services like SIDS monitors in 1983 and the first generation of sleep therapy devices in 1987.

    Black-white-photo of a sleep therapy device back in the time
  6. 80s

    Since the 80s, the company and it's comprehensive device- and consumables programs are part and parcel in Austrian clinics with emphasis on ventilators, anesthesia, sleep medicine and critical care.

    Advertisement for medical devices from the 80s
  7. 90s

    Due to continuous growth, the company was in need of a much larger site to house expanded office space and warehouses. At this point in 1989 the head office in the 21st district of Vienna, Ignaz- Köck- Straße 20, was built

    Hellmut Habel and his wife infront of a construction site
  8. 90s

    The HABEL training forum was established - a broad platform consisting of training courses, workshops and product training. One of it's biggest events, the intensive care meeting, is held annually with over 450 participants and is an integral part of the training in Austrian intensive care.

    Speaker on stage
  9. Today

    With over 70 years of history, Habel Medizintechnik is still a thriving family business, now managed by Markus Schimel, the grandson of the company's founder. Today the company employs more than 60 people in both it's headquarters and two other facilities.

    In the hospital sector, we are a competent partner for our customers and offer a unique and ever growing product portfolio of medical equipment and consumables.

    In the homecare sector we are specialized in sleep apnea therapy, home ventilation and oxygen therapy. Our homecare team takes care of our customers throughout Austria, both in respiratory centers and on site.

    Balloons with "70 years HABEL" print in the sky


  • Porträtfoto von Markus Schimel

    Markus Schimel

    Managing Director

  • Porträtfoto von Ing. Andreas Panholzer

    Ing. Andreas Panholzer

    Authorized representative, sales manager - medical devices

  • Porträtfoto von Sibylle Nowotny

    Sibylle Nowotny

    Manager - Accounting & Human Resources

  • Porträtfoto von Sebastian Schimel

    Sebastian Schimel

    Business unit manager - clinic

  • Porträtfoto von Ann-Kathrine Schimel

    Ann-Kathrine Schimel

    Business unit manager - homecare

  • Porträtfoto von Frank Szabo

    Frank Szabo

    Sales manager - medical consumables

Our Facilities

We are there for you throughout Austria! With our headquarters in 1210 Vienna, our breathing centers in Vienna, Linz, Wels, Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck as well as our mobile service throughout Austria, we can serve you even better and more individually.

  • Zentrale Zentrale
  • Atemzentren Atemzentren
  • Mobiler Service Mobiler Service

Our Partners

Through long-term partnerships with leading global companies, we make high-quality medical products and innovative technologies available to the Austrian market. In doing so, we take care of the market launch, sales and service. We thank our partners for the successful cooperation.

Social Commitment

Platinum Partner of LICHT INS DUNKEL

LICHT INS DUNKEL is a unique aid campaign in Europe that has stood for social cohesion for 49 years. The focus of the non-profit organization is on supporting physically and intellectually impaired people as well as psychosocially disadvantaged families with children.

As a Platinum Partner of LICHT INS DUNKEL, we are pleased to be able to support families in need in Austria with our donation.

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Partner of Hilfe im eigenen Land

Hilfe im eigenen Land is an Austria-wide aid organization that provides rapid and sustainable support to people in financial need. The one-off emergency financial aid goes directly to people whose income situation is changed by an accident, illness or other stroke of fate in such a way that they are unable to cope from one day to the next.

We are pleased to be able to support the organization with our donation. "The people to whom we are a support give us our footing in life." (Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach)


Partner of Wiener Hilfswerk

Wiener Hilfswerk provides support in the field of mobile care and social services, childcare and assistance for the homeless and refugees, and operates day centers and shared apartments for senior citizens, neighborhood centers, recreational facilities for people with and without disabilities, and social markets.

Through its dense network of facilities and services for young and old, the organization provides the assistance needed in different life situations. We are pleased to be able to support and make an important contribution with our donation.

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